PILOT’S teases Boeing 314 Clipper for Flight Simulator

Vintage airplanes have found a new home in MSFS, as we get a steady influx of new projects that aim to bring these historic machines to Microsoft’s latest simulator. The newest addition to this is the magnificent Boeing 314 Clipper, the quintessential flying boat that will be coming soon to MSFS by the hands of PILOT’S.

The developers, who so far have only released the admittedly very pretty Cedar Key Airport for MSFS, are now teasing an upcoming release of their Boeing 314 Clipper, with an accompanying set of images to prove it. This follows on a recent release of that same aircraft for P3D, although in its “basic” form, as the goal is to provide a study-level airplane somewhere in the future. We don’t know yet what the developers are planning to release in MSFS, but it will likely happen in a similar form.

The Clipper is an iconic airplane from the flying boat era, and became famous under the Pan Am colors flying transatlantic and transpacific flights to destinations such as Ireland, Lisbon, Southampton, or Honolulu. It was a luxury long-range aircraft, used by the super-rich people of the time who had in-flight amenities that were never seen before – or after, for that matter.

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 3

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 2

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 1

Sadly, none of the 12 built Clippers survived until today. Three were lost to accidents and the other 9 were eventually scrapped after becoming obsolete. It was a kind of airplane that made sense when there weren’t a lot of tarmac runways. But after the War, these became ubiquitous, which led to the demise of flying boats in exchange for the safer landplanes.

Fortunately, PILOT’S will soon provide us with the closest thing we can get to the real Clipper – a virtual version, ready to embark on very long and tedious flights across the seas. It’s a beautiful machine, and we can’t wait to try it out in Flight Simulator. Stay tuned for further updates, hopefully we will have more details soon!