PILOT’S releases Alicante Airport for MSFS

The talented scenery creators at PILOT’S have released a new high-quality airport for MSFS. After previous launches such as Cedar Key Airport, the team is now turning across the sea to beautiful Spain and its fifth busiest airport: LEAL – Alicante Airport.

LEAL is the largest airport serving the Valencian Community and sits nearby the city of Elche. PILOT’S has taken the opportunity here to recreate not only the airport itself but also the surrounding scenery and even the cities of Elche and Alicante, with many custom buildings and landmarks for a great VFR flying experience in the region.

The end result comes after months of development that has taken the developers to visit the airport in order to gather the necessary data to create a truly authentic and up-to-date virtual version for MSFS.

PILOT’S promises an extensive coverage area with high-resolution aerial imagery and many visual references throughout. In the airport you will find a detailed interior of the arrival and departure halls, 3D ALS and runway lights, and more.

LEAL Alicante Airport is now available for MSFS for 22.95€, with existing owners of the P3D being eligible for a discount when purchasing this new and updated version.

LEAL Alicante Airport MSFS 4

LEAL Alicante Airport MSFS 3

LEAL Alicante Airport MSFS 1

Main features:

  • For Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • 4K resolution textures
  • hand made mesh of airport area 1m resolution
  • detailled model of inner departure/arrival hall
  • Accurate depiction of Elche city/Alicante city
  • 3D grass/trees custom vegation
  • Realistic shadow rendition
  • 3D ALS and runways lights
  • Custom buildings for the city, surrounding areas and autogen
  • Fully optimized design for great performance and high frame rates

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