Flight Replicas unveils plans for 2023: the Spitfire, DH 114 Heron, DC-4, and the Super Cub!

After releasing their latest aircraft in the MSFS Marketplace last week (the Curtiss P-40N Warhawk), Flight Replicas now has an open road to work on new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With plenty of simmers eager to know what the team is bringing next to the simulator, Flight Replicas decided to lay out the full production plans for this year, with an ambitious line-up that has a good variety of old… and new!

Flight Replicas is known for the rendition of vintage aircraft for Flight Simulator, with a long history that goes back more than 20 years. For MSFS, the developer has launched three airplanes: the L-4 Grasshopper, the PA-11 Cub Special, and the P-40N. Next in line is the DH83 Fox Moth, a biplane that shares some similarities (and parts) with the Tiger Moth (also available for MSFS by Ant’s Airplanes).

Flight Replicas detailed through its Facebook page that the Fox Moth is currently being built for MSFS, with basic modeling, flight dynamics, and animations now complete. Textures will come next, followed by the variants with skis and floats. The developer promises some preview images soon, so stay on the lookout for further updates about this particular aircraft.

Flight Replicas Heron FSX cockpit coming to msfs
A cockpit image of the Flight Replicas Heron for FSX…

After the Fox Moth, Flight Replicas has a packed pipeline that includes some fascinating airplanes. The list starts with the legendary Spitfire and its naval version, the Seafire. Since we already have a couple of very good Spitfires in MSFS (from FlyingIron Simulations and Aeroplane Heaven), the other projects on the list are arguably more interesting: the DH.114 Heron, the DC-4/C-54, and the Super Cub!

The Heron and the DC-4 (the first is a small and British airliner, the second is larger, American, and with a very admired military variant) are probably the most interesting of the bunch, considering the lack of decent offerings in MSFS of these types of airplanes from this era (except for some notable exceptions such as the DC-6, DC-3, and the Constellation). A Flight Replicas version of these two airplanes will undoubtedly be welcome and appreciated by many enthusiasts of the vintage airliners.

Flight Replicas DC 4 FSX coming to MSFS
… and the DC-4, also in FSX!

Besides the above and the Super Cub, which is also in the pipeline, Flight Replicas is making plans for a vastly different aircraft, something “refreshing”, in the developer’s own words: the Shark.Aero Shark. The manufacturer gave Flight Replicas permission to model this very fast ultralight, so expect to see the Shark arrive in Microsoft Flight Simulator sometime in the not-so-near future!

Obviously, this list is only valid if everything goes well in the development process. It’s certainly an ambitious list for Flight Replicas, so let’s see if the developer can keep up with the schedule. As usual, we’ll bring you new development updates about these airplanes as soon as they become available!