(More images!) Just Flight announces the Avro RJ series for MSFS, the successor to the 146

Update, August 15th – Just Flight put up the official in-development page for the RJ Professional with some additional information. See below all the stunning new images!

The Just Flight 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator stands today as one of the best airplanes on the platform, a brilliant realization of the classic British airliner. Following the critical success of that release, Just Flight has now revealed that the real-world successor of the 146 is also in development for MSFS: the Avro RJ!

This has been a common request from the community. Given the similarities between the 146 and the RJ, it should be just a matter of working on the relatively small differences between the variants to allow simmers to choose between the older or the more modern variant. Well, it seems Just Flight is doing just that!

From the outside, it’s hard to tell them apart. The 146 and the RJ are really not that different, save from the new, more powerful engines with redesigned nacelles. Possibly more important is the modernized cockpit, which saw some of the analog instrumentation replaced by an EFIS.

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS 2

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS 1

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS 3

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 1.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 2.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 4.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 5.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 6.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 7.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 8.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 9.PNG

Just Flight Avro RJ MSFS previews 10.PNG

Just Flight shared a small selection of images that serve as a preview of what to expect. The glass cockpit is the most prominent change when compared to the 146, and it’s something simmers are bound to enjoy with the RJ. Besides that, we should get the usual high-quality modeling and texturing from Just Flight, packed with authentic and detailed systems and flight dynamics.

Similarly to what they did with the 146, the RJ Professional will come to MSFS with its three variants – the RJ70, RJ85, and RJ100 – along with over 25 liveries from real-world operators.

For now, there’s not much else to say about this project. Just Flight should provide a more detailed feature list very soon, so stay tuned for that! There’s also no indication about a release timeframe, but the team did share an interesting tidbit that may appeal to those who have been delaying a 146 purchase: the price on that model should go down once the RJ is out!