An early look into Classics Hangar’s first project for MSFS: the Klemm L25

Classics Hangar will be a familiar name to many FSX users as a developer known for its classic German airplanes. Projects such as the Fw 190 or the Bf 108 have garnered fond memories from users who had the chance to fly them in FSX, who are now naturally looking forward to seeing the developers’ work in MSFS.

Well, good news! Classics Hangar has stated that those beloved airplanes will come to Microsoft Flight Simulator… but the developer will first start with a sort of test project to get acquainted with the new platform and development tools. This first aircraft is the Klemm L25, whose development we’ve tracked for quite a few months (as you likely found out from our regularly updated list of aircraft in development for MSFS).

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 4

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 3

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 2

The latest updates from developer Mathias Pommerien are so promising that we couldn’t skip the chance to introduce you to this gorgeous aircraft in more detail. The Klemm is a true classic of German aviation history, now approaching its 100th anniversary. It was designed by famed aircraft designer Hanns Klemm, whose creation turned out to be a popular airplane for the sports and leisure aviation community, especially in Germany, but also in the UK and US.

Classics Hangar is building this model entirely from scratch as a native project for MSFS. The Klemm L25 fits the simulator perfectly, as we’ve seen with so many other vintage airplanes: a low and slow flier, with excellent visibility all around and all those charming 1920s looks!

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 14

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 13

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 12

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 11

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 10

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 9

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 8

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 7

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 1

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 6

Classics Hangar Klemm L25 MSFS 5

Mathias has been sharing the progress with the visuals of the L25 on the Classic Hangar’s forums and at Sim-Outhouse. What began nearly a year ago as a simple wood and metal airframe in factory colors has turned into a beautiful and highly detailed aircraft that, as of today, is mostly complete from a modeling and texturing perspective.

Mathias is using a real-world aircraft as a reference for this creation, D-EJOL. The developer hasn’t yet provided in-depth details about the features of the product, but D-EJOL’s paint scheme is a given, along with high-definition textures and authentic sounds that have just been recorded a few weeks ago! Listen below to a sample recording of the 85hp Hirth HM 60 R2 engine while taxiing:

All the work-in-progress images shared by Mathias look superb, from the impressively 3D model of the aircraft, with many details in the riveting, control surfaces, landing gear, and more, to the tandem cockpit, which is the latest area of the aircraft that has been previewed by the developer. It features beautiful wooden work, upholstery leather, and those very old steam gauges that provide pilots with essential information about the airplane’s performance and navigation.

This is definitely a project to keep following over the coming weeks and months. There’s no current release estimate from Classic Hangars, and not even a detailed feature list, so we’ll have to wait for more information from the developer about that. As always, we’ll be back with fresh details about the Klemm L25 for MSFS once they become available!