Blackbox Simulations teases its next aircraft for MSFS: the Short 330!

It’s been a while since we heard about BlackBox Simulation. After the launch of the BN-2A Trislander in May, we were wondering what might be coming next from the team. Well, we now know the answer, and it’s another small British turboprop commuter!

The BlackBox Simulation Short 330 was teased this week in the official MSFS forums, with a single image that unveiled the external model of the quirky little airliner. The Short 330 makes perfect sense for the developers after the Islander and Trislander… it’s British, it’s not very pretty, and it’s quite different from everything else out there in MSFS.

BlackBox Simulation’s developers proved to be at the top of their game with both Britten-Norman airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Simmers have praised their overall quality, especially the comprehensive simulation of each aircraft’s behavior and systems.

blackbox short 330 msfs teaser 2

The Short 300 should be no exception, even if BlackBox didn’t provide any additional information about the product besides that first teaser image above. As always, you can count on our coverage to bring you any further information and development updates about this project!

The Short 300 is quite an interesting aircraft that would fit perfectly within Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s great for short regional hops, a versatile airplane that can carry passengers and cargo to small airports around the world. It was not hugely popular in the real world (its successor, the Short 360, fared quite a bit better in commercial terms) but, if it ends up being as good as Blackbox’s previous efforts, it may become a very compelling new airplane for MSFS!