iniBuilds announces development of its A310-300 for MSFS

Exciting times for airliners pilots looking to have more aircraft options in Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the brand new previews of the PMDG 737, iniBuilds has come to the front to announce the development of its acclaimed simulation of the A310-300 for MSFS.

The unexpected announcement came from the official iniBuilds forum, where the developers shared a development update about their current projects. Among other things, they unveiled their plans to bring this wide-body aircraft to MSFS, a predecessor of the A330. The developers said they have been very impressed with MSFS and shared the first previews images of the aircraft in the simulator.

iniBuilds is confident to share these first images now that work on the aircraft is moving ahead quite well. They say that the airplane’s model and systems are now well underway, although they’re not yet ready to detail any kind of timeline or release date.

These first images showcase some stunning exterior views of the A310, in a variety of different liveries from its known operators. While there’s no complete view over the flight deck, we did get an image showing some hydraulics info on the ECAM. The A310 offers a very cool blend of a digital and analog cockpit which will be very interesting to see in MSFS!

iniBuilds A310 MSFS 4

iniBuilds A310 MSFS 3

iniBuilds A310 MSFS 2

iniBuilds A310 MSFS 1

This is indeed a fantastic piece of news, that proves once again that Microsoft Flight Simulator is slowly maturing, attracting a growing number of talented developers and their high-quality add-ons. The iniSimulations A310-300 is a beloved aircraft in X-Plane, where it was met with critical acclaim after its release this past summer. It’s a high-quality recreation of this classic Airbus widebody, with a deep simulation of its systems. If the X-Plane release is a reference for the upcoming MSFS version, we should expect a truly impressive package!

There’s now a growing number of big jets under development for MSFS, tracing the path for very exciting times ahead. Along with this A310 from iniBuilds, we have high expectations for the PMDG 737, naturally, but also for the Fenix A320 or the recently announced MD-11 from TFDi Design. As usual, stay tuned to learn more about these exciting new airplanes for MSFS and whatever comes next!