Cockspur announces the Heinkel He 162 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Cockspur has announced a new aircraft project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the launch of the C510 Mustang and with the Hawker 800XP well into development, Cockspur has now unveiled an entirely new type of aircraft: the Heinkel He 162 “Spatz!

The Heinkel He 162, a German single-engine jet-powered fighter aircraft from World War II, was developed under the Emergency Fighter Program and built primarily out of wood due to metal shortages. The aircraft was nicknamed “Volksjäger” or “People’s Fighter” in German, with other names including “Salamander” and “Spatz” (German for “Sparrow”).

Designed for simplicity and minimal training, the He 162’s most distinctive feature was its top-mounted engine, which combined with the aircraft’s low-riding landing gear allowed for easy access to the engine for maintenance. Despite its small size, the aircraft was known to be a handful to fly, as was the case with many early jet-powered fighters.

Cockspur He 162 MSFS 7

Cockspur He 162 MSFS 6

Cockspur He 162 MSFS 5

Cockspur He 162 MSFS 4

Cockspur He 162 MSFS 3

Cockspur He 162 MSFS 1

Cockspur’s Sebastian Darrell was live this week with TwoToneMurphy, showcasing the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator in its current state and introducing the project as a whole, the motivations behind it, and what it looks to offer simmers in the platform.

During the stream, which you can watch below starting roughly after the 2h08m24s mark, Cockspur’s lead developer discusses how the team has invested considerable time and effort in researching and recreating the aircraft, including modeling the entire jet engine and sourcing sounds from an engine of similar period. The developer expressed his passion for immersing himself in history and recreating an aircraft that no longer exist in the real world, offering a unique opportunity for flight simulation enthusiasts to experience these remarkable machines with high-fidelity graphics and a realistic representation of their capabilities.

Cockspur’s Heinkel He 162 project is expected to be released within the next two months, with plans to make it available on both PC and Xbox platforms. As usual, we’ll continue to follow this project’s development and bring you all the latest news about it. Stay tuned!