HCG Digital Arts unveils its own Spartan 7W Executive for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The virtual skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator are about to welcome another luxurious vintage aircraft, as HCG Digital Arts reveals its progress on the development of the Spartan 7W Executive. This announcement comes just over a week after iniBuilds announced its own version of the iconic aircraft.

HCG Digital Arts is no stranger to MSFS development, having already released the also very vintage Hughes H-1 Racer. In a recent development update, HCG shared insights into the development process for the Spartan 7W Executive, revealing that the exterior model is nearly complete, with only minor details left to add. The interior model is also progressing well but requires further modeling and refinement. As for the flight model, it’s mostly finished, with adjustments and fine-tuning still needed.

In addition to the detailed exterior and interior models, HCG Digital Arts plans to include a custom Wwise soundpack for the Spartan 7W Executive, which is an area that the developer admits is a weak point, but is committed to improving. Ensuring the best possible experience for users is a top priority for HCG Digital Arts.

The Flight Level channel on YouTube, hosted by our friend Laurie Doering, recently featured work-in-progress images of HCG Digital Arts’ Spartan 7W Executive, giving eager fans a sneak peek into the aircraft’s development.

The iconic Spartan 7W Executive is a luxurious aircraft with a storied history, first taking flight in the 1930s. Manufactured by the Spartan Aircraft Company, it was designed to cater to a wealthy clientele who desired the ultimate in flying luxury. The 7W was an impressive piece of engineering for its time, boasting an all-metal construction, retractable landing gear, and a cruise speed of around 215 mph, powered by a 450-horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior engine.

HCG Spartan 7W Executive MSFS wip 2

HCG Spartan 7W Executive MSFS wip 3

The aircraft’s exceptional performance and stylish design made it a favorite among celebrities, entrepreneurs, and even royalty. Famous owners of the Spartan 7W Executive included oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, and King Ghazi of Iraq. With fewer than 40 of these exquisite aircraft produced, the Spartan 7W Executive remains a rare and sought-after gem in the world of aviation.

In the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Spartan 7W Executive promises to offer a unique and thrilling experience for virtual pilots. HCG Digital Arts is hoping for a release later this month or in early May, if all goes well, so it won’t take long for vintage aircraft enthusiasts to take to the skies in this iconic classic!