FlyingIron Simulations announces development of the F6F Hellcat for MSFS

FlyingIron Simulations revealed today their plans for new MSFS airplanes to come over the course of 2022. After the acclaimed release of the Spitfire and the P-38L Lightning, the team is now well into the development of a new aircraft, the Grumman F6F Hellcat!

FlyingIron is looking to create an incredibly detailed replica of the legendary Hellcat for MSFS, both in terms of visuals and with regards to the simulation of all aircraft systems. From all the electric and pneumatic components to the detailed recreation of the Hellcat’s massive R-2800 Double Wasp Engine (the same used in the F4U Corsair), the developers hope to deliver an exciting aircraft that stays faithful to the quality of their previous releases.

The Hellcat was the dominant carrier fighter in the US Navy towards the end of World War II, where it played a crucial role in defeating the Japanese A6M Zero, resulting in air superiority of the United States over the Pacific theater. It was a powerful, well-designed, and highly effective machine, credited with the destruction of more than 5.200 enemy aircraft.

Interestingly, the Hellcat’s predecessor, the F4F Wildcat, is also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, and both airplanes have one developer in common: Got Gravel, who is working with both teams of the flight model and, in the case of the Hellcat, on the systems as well.

Currently, the Hellcat already sports a detailed model inside and out, with work now underway to apply textures and animations. You can see the current state of this work in the few initial images provided by FlyingIron.

flyingiron f6f hellcat msfs 1

flyingiron f6f hellcat msfs 2

flyingiron f6f hellcat msfs 3

flyingiron f6f hellcat msfs 4

flyingiron f6f hellcat msfs 5

flyingiron f6f hellcat msfs 6

Additionally, the team is looking to implement an exceptionally realistic soundtrack on the Hellcat. Resorting to a series of high-quality recordings from a real F6F, which will be worked on by the same production team that recorded the Spitfire sounds, FlyingIron seems keen to bring us a truly immersive simulation of this warbird in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

F6F Hellcat Main Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 3D Modelling & Artwork, with precise & intricate detailing of complex features such as the radial engine, gear bays & wing joints.
  • 10+ Historical Liveries, painstakingly detailed & textured
  • The authentic roar of the R-2800 Double Wasp Engine – professionally recorded from a real F6F Hellcat by the same production team that recorded our Spitfire sounds. 
  • Wing-folding, Catapult Launches & Carrier Landing capabilities. Put your flying skills to the ultimate test!
  • Detailed simulation of all aircraft systems, including electrical & pneumatic systems.
  • Detailed simulation of the R-2800 Double Wasp Engine & it’s many cooling systems.
  • Automated Flap system
  • FlyingIron Tablet UI Integration
  • + Much more!

The team provided no information about an estimated release, although it seems safe to say it’s going to be sometime this year.

Finally, FlyingIron Simulations also teased today a second new aircraft for MSFS: the German Messerschmitt Bf 109! Still in a very early stage of development, but already with an impressive 3D model to show:

Messerschmitt Bf 109 MSFS