Got Friends’ first helicopter, the Mini-500, is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

As expected following a series of previews over the last few days, Got Friends released this weekend their new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, just a few weeks after the brilliant Wilga, the team brings us their very first helicopter for the sim, the Mini-500, showing again that their talent and versatility have many facets!

The Mini-500 is a light kit helicopter from the 1990s. It’s a small single-seat aircraft, known for its unreliability and propensity to be a death trap for the pilot. The original Rotax 582 engine proved to be a poor choice for the Mini-500, causing too many vibrations and failing to deliver appropriate power. Got Friends was inspired by the original design of the Mini-500, but decided to use a proposed Solar T62 Turbine Engine, which was more reliable.

Obviously, in Flight Simulator, users don’t need to worry about the perils of flying a matchbox like the Mini-500. Which is why this little helicopter can actually be an excellent choice for simmers who wish to explore the scenery in MSFS, slowly discovering each corner of the world.

As usual from Got Friends, the Mini-500 was modeled in great detail and features a number of impressive features. These include custom MGL avionics with custom pages, plenty of visual effects, exchangeable GTR-220 radio and GNS-530 navigation systems.

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 9

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 8.PNG

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 7

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 6

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 3

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 2

Got Friends Mini 500 helicopter MSFS 1

The Mini-500 is available now through Got Friends’ website, priced at just $15.00. A Marketplace release is expected in the coming weeks for both PC and Xbox (if all goes well). In the meantime, if you purchase the Mini-500 through Got Friends’ website, you’ll get two exclusive variants/liveries that offer a meaner-looking aircraft: a Stealth and a Hunter livery, which feature a US Navy paint scheme and mounted mini-guns or a camouflage repaint with a compound bow!

Features List:

  • T62 Turbine Engine Flight Model
  • Sophisticated Flight Model using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Rotorcraft
  • MSFS Assists for Helicopters Supported
  • 4k High Quality Texures & Paint Kit
  • Optimized 3D Model for Maximum Performance
  • Custom WWise Soundpack / Engine Sounds
  • Hideable Accessories and Doors
  • Safety Awareness Lights and Warning Indicators
  • MGL Avionics with Custom Page Selections
  • Attached Tablet and Aera Navigation System
  • Swappable Avionics Suites (GTR 220/GNS 530)
  • Custom Lighting Effects
  • Ground Skid Effects (All Surfaces) & Sparks
  • Downwash Effects (All Surfaces)
  • Engine Starting Effects
  • Heat Blur Effects
  • Frost and Rain Effects
  • Multiplayer Compatibility with Rotor Animations
  • Animated Pilot with Various Cockpit Controls
  • Animated Rotor and Tail Rotor Components
  • Animated Skid Flexing with Landing
  • In-Game Checklist
  • Multiple High Quality Livery Options
  • Flying with an Xbox Controller? No Sweat!