‘Fly the Maddog X’ in development for MSFS

Exciting news today has we know that Leonardo’s iconic fligh sim addon ‘Fly the Maddog X’ is in active development for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator!

In a status update about the Maddog on the developer’s forum, it’s revealed that this study-level recreation of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is currently under development for MSFS, and it’s already showing a highly detailed and beautiful 3D model in both the interior and exterior.

There’s a caveat though, common to those of PMDG’s 737 and Majestic’s Dash-8, among others: the SDK at the moment is still missing important parts for more complex addons, so it will take time until these study-level aircraft can see the light of day. But we will eventually get there!

This is another exciting upcoming aircraft which has been for years one of the most detailed simulations in any flight simulator. But for now, we’ll have to admire the gorgeous images of this bird in MSFS, while we wait for further developments. Stay tuned!

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