IRIS Simulations releases the Tutor T.1 for Flight Simulator

It’s Airplane Launch Day today in Flight Simulator! After the release of the Nieuport 17 by Big Radials earlier today, IRIS Simulations has now released its new project for MSFS: the Grob G 115 / Tutor T.1, another light aircraft to join the ever-growing hangar of GA airplanes in MSFS.

The Tutor is a fixed-wing aircraft that is primarily used for flight training in air forces around the world. Most notably used by the RAF, the Tutor is known by many cadets as their elementary flight training airplane.

The Tutor is a sturdy little machine, capable of handling harsh landings and flying under IFR conditions. The two seats in the cockpit, for the student and flight instructor, are covered by a big glass canopy that provides good visibility all around. To prepare student pilots for a possible future role as a jet fighter pilot, the Tutor is configured to be flown with the right hand on the stick and left hand on the throttle, as is common with more “serious” airplanes. Maybe you can do some training on the Tutor before moving up to the recently released F-14 Tomcat? Just an idea!

Grob Tutor T1 MSFS 4

Grob Tutor T1 MSFS 3

Grob Tutor T1 MSFS 2

IRIS Simulations already has something to show for MSFS, displayed in its Jabiru J160/J170 that was launched ten months ago. The Tutor T.1 is a similar class of aircraft, but IRIS has arguably some much more ambitious plans on its sleeve. After all, it got an official license from Pilatus to bring the PC-9 and PC-24 to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

For now, though, we have a new small airplane to indulge in some scenic flights across the beautiful scenery of MSFS. Or, better yet, to train your skills as a future Air Force pilot, practicing some hard aerobatic maneuvres.

The IRIS Simulations Tutor T.1 is now available directly from the developers’ website for $19.99. It will also be coming to Orbx Direct and the MSFS Marketplace very soon!

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