FSReborn’s Piper M500 is now in beta

MSFS simmers are eagerly anticipating the next aircraft from FSReborn, whose Sting S4 has quickly settled as one of the best light airplanes in the simulator. The next in line from the developer is the Piper M500, a project that has now officially transitioned from alpha to beta testing status.

The M500 project is now being put through its paces by an expanded team of 16 dedicated beta testers, composed of original S4 beta members and the initial M500 alpha testers. Plans are in the works to further extend the team in the coming weeks, allowing for a fresh set of eyes on the project to ensure the final product is up to FSReborn’s high standards.

Those interested in getting a sneak peek into this development can look no further than to our friend Twotonemurphy’s channel on Twitch, who now has an M500 beta version 1.0 and will host a live streaming show on June 14th, where he will have the opportunity to play with the latest version. This stream will also feature a special guest: Raul Morales, the developer behind FSReborn, who will discuss and demonstrate the exciting features that have been developed for the M500.

fsreborn m500 msfs 1

The live stream is scheduled for this Wednesday, starting at 19.00z, with the FSReborn developer joining around 20.00z. Viewers will not only get an exclusive first look at the FSReborn M500 but will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers live on stream.

In terms of expanding the M500 beta team, FSReborn plans to open an initial 5 positions in the coming weeks. Note that FSReborn has a selective process for team expansion, considering not only previous testing experience and current access to aircraft type but also proof of identity and willingness to sign an NDA with FSReborn.

Murph’s stream will certainly be rich in visual and functional previews of the aircraft, which is great considering the current lack of publicly available information. We’ll leave you for now with the two images here, which definitely whet our appetite for what’s coming. Tune in on Twotonemurphy’s Twitch this Wednesday to learn more!

fsreborn m500 msfs 3