AUscene releases Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) for MSFS

AUscene is now a recognized development team in Flight Simulator, responsible for some of the most stunning airports that are available for the sim. Some previous releases worth noting are the beautiful scenery of Ayers Rock Airport and even the freeware Aldinga Airfield, among others. All of them are meticulously created, filled with little details and high quality visuals.

Today, AUscene is expanding its portfolio for MSFS with the release of yet another airport, this time on the beautiful east coast of Australia. Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) is a small regional airport located some 200km sound of Brisbane, perfectly situated to explore this area, possibly even while traveling between the big Australian cities along the coast.

As we’ve come to expect from AUscene, this is looking to be another very detailed airport. From hand crafted buildings and objects to high resolution textures and aerial imagery, from modeled interiors to realistic static models of a Quantaslink Dash 8 and a R44 helicopter, there’s plenty to see and explore here!

Additionally, the developers added some cool bits to see nearby: the Cape Byron Lighthouse has been recreated, sitting beautifully by the coast, and even the nearby Lakes have now custom watermasking.

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is now available directly from AUscene for AUD $28.00.


  • Hand Crafted Rendition of Ballina Byron Gateway Airport for MSFS
  • Custom High Resolution Aerial Imagery
  • 1m High Resolution DEM data covering YBNA and Cape Byron
  • Custom Airport Services Configuration
  • Authentic PBR Textures
  • Interior Modelling of Two Hangars
  • Realistic Aprons with Custom Materials and Markings
  • Static Qantaslink Dash 8
  • Static Local R44 Helicopter
  • Realistic Night Lighting
  • Custom Vegetation Placement
  • Custom Watermasking of nearby Lakes


  • Cape Byron Lighthouse