Big Radials announces Grumman JRF-6 Goose for MSFS

It was about a year ago that Big Radials started to shape into the development team that it is today, starting with a serious overhaul of the old FSX Grumman Goose, looking to bring it to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. That experience was largely a success, and opened the way for great new airplanes such as the P-40B Tomahawk or the Nieuport 17.

Now, a year later, Big Radials returns to the amphibian Grumman Goose, but with an entirely new project, built from the ground up as a payware aircraft for Microsoft flight simulator.

Throughout its history, the Goose saw the development of several variants. Big Radials is focusing on the JRF-6 model, which was the final military variant, undergoing service for the US Navy as a navigation trainer and also in search and rescue operations for the Coast Guard.

The Goose occupies a fond place on Big Radial’s heart, so the team is working with The Goose Hangar to recreate a highly detailed and realistic model for MSFS, taking advantage of must-have requirements such as a custom WWise sound pack, high-resolution textures, and an authentic flight model.

Big Radials Grumman JRF 6 Goose 4

Special attention will be given to some of the Goose’s most peculiar features, such as the vacuum-powered flaps. Additionally, Big Radials will implement a detailed and realistic fuel system.

Besides the airplane itself, the developers will also include in the package a couple of bush missions, so you can take the Goose on historically realistic flights that were common during the airplane’s life. These will be a trip along the coast of British Columbia, and a flight along the Florida Keys heading to the Dry Tortugas, taking a group of tourists to enjoy the sights.

Together with this announcement, Big Radials shared a few previews images of the model in its current state. These are very much work-in-progress shots, but already show that the team is looking to recreate the JRF-6 Goose with an appreciable level of detail.

Big Radials is keeping a release date for themselves at this point, as expected given the early stage of development. As usual, we’ll keep a close eye on this new aircraft for MSFS, and will let you know of any further development updates. Stay tuned!