Top Mach Studios announces the Boeing/Saab T-7A Redhawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Top Mach Studios, a development team who brought us the F-22, has announced that it has begun preliminary development work on the Boeing/Saab T-7A Redhawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This most recent endeavor builds on the success of their F-22 model and is being worked on concurrently with the B-2 Spirit that was revealed a few months ago.

Top Mach Studios intends to create the T-7A model for both Xbox and PC users, providing sim pilots with a novel and exciting flying experience. The team intends to provide a lot of visual detail as well as a fairly realistic and enjoyable flying experience. According to Top Mach Studios, they will use publicly available information about the aircraft to build a highly functional and realistic replica.

The development team at Top Mach Studios told us they are committed to providing MSFS pilots with the most realistic experience possible. They will be employing their WASM-based fly-by-wire and avionics modules to “ensure maximum functionality and fidelity, including simulated touchscreen interfaces”.

Top Mach Studios T 7A Redhawk MSFS 2

Top Mach Studios T 7A Redhawk MSFS 3

Top Mach Studios has shared with us a few early in-game screenshots of the T-7A model. The images showcase the exterior modeling of the aircraft, as the cockpit model and artwork refinements are still on the roadmap. The team is also planning to create a highly functional, detailed, and realistic model of the avionics and flight dynamics of the T-7A.

The initial beta release of the T-7A model could be as soon as late spring or early summer 2023. The development team plans to continue refining the model, and they will be providing regular updates throughout the process.

The T-7A Redhawk is a next-generation jet trainer being developed by Boeing and Saab for the United States Air Force. It is designed to replace the aging T-38 Talon, which has been in service since the 1960s. The T-7A is expected to provide advanced training to USAF pilots in a range of skills, including air-to-air and air-to-ground combat, as well as electronic warfare.