SimWorks Studios announces the GA8 Airvan for MSFS, coming later this year

SimWorks Studios has a packed second half of 2022 ahead, with plans to release three new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following the release of the Van’s RV-14 in April, the studio is now working not only on the RV-10 and the Pilatus PC-12, but also on the GippsAero Airvan, a single-engined utility aircraft that has some resemblance to the Kodiak 100.

SimWorks Studios shared this news in the latest development update, where we learned more details about the future plans of the team for what’s left of 2022. These pass, in part, by the release of the long-overdue amphibian variant of the Kodiak, which has been in development since the aircraft was released late last year. It now seems, finally, that this floating model is getting ready for launch, and it will bring with it a series of improvements that will enable modders to tinker with the aircraft as they see fit, which is always welcome!

As for the Airvan, it’s another workhorse aircraft, just like the Kodiak, but of Australian origin. It was introduced in 2000, with around 250 units produced until the end of 2020. It was designed to operate in remote areas, taking passengers and cargo to unprepared runways.

simworks studios amphibian kodiak 100 msfs2

simworks studios amphibian kodiak 100 msfs1

SimWorks Studios says that coding for the Airvan is now mostly complete, to be followed by modeling and engine parameters. The Airvan is a bit older than the Kodiak, which in this case means that simmers will find a cockpit equipped with steam gauges, rather than the full glass cockpit found in the Kodiak. Expect also the typical GNS530 navigation system and Bendix/King radio stack, but with plenty of customization options.

For now, SimWorks Studios has just a single image to share of the Airvan in MSFS, featuring a simple 3D model of the airframe. The visuals are expected to move forward at a steady pace in the following weeks and months, so stay tuned for further updates regarding the development of yet another new airplane from SimWorks Studios.

With regards to the PC-12 and RV-10, SimWorks Studios says that development is moving forward nicely in both projects. Not much is shared in terms of details or even work-in-progress images, but the team promises some initial images over the next couple of weeks.