SimWorks Studios updates on Van’s RV-14 development, Kodiak getting patched soon

SimWorks Studios has been enjoying some well-deserved praise, following the release of the Kodiak 100 for MSFS in December. With that big project out of the door, the team is now focusing on new products, such as the also recently released ‘Humanitarian Wings: Aviation Sans Frontières‘, a series of missions for MSFS, but also some new airplanes, like the Pilatus PC-12, the Dash 7, or the Van’s RV-14.

The RV-14 is the main development target at this point, with a release estimate for the coming weeks. In the latest development update, SimWorks Studios revealed that the RV-14 will be compatible with the TDS GTNXi 750, a third-party avionics solution that is now also available for MSFS with virtual cockpit integration. It’s a similar solution to the PMS GTN750, possibly even more feature-packed, so prepare to see the GTNXi 750 coming to more airplanes in the near future – in fact, besides the RV-14, it’s also coming to Just Flight’s Arrow III.

So, future owners of the SimWorks Studios RV-14 will have access to a variety of options for the avionics package, since both the aforementioned GTN 750 simulations will be supported. Prospective buyers will have to take into consideration that the TDS GTNXi 750 is currently being offered at a discount over the base price (39.95€, instead of the usual 49.95€), while PMS has a free version available of its own implementation.

sws vans rv 14 gtnxi 750
The TDS GTNXi 750 neatly fitted into the RV-14.

In further updates, SWS also stated that a major breakthrough has been made in the RV-14’s flight model, which paves the way for some final fine-tuning in other areas of the aircraft, such as checklists, flight states, and autopilot. All said, we’re looking at a release that shouldn’t take long at this time, but we’ll have to wait on further information from SimWorks Studios regarding a possible release schedule.

Existing owners of the brilliant Kodiak 100 will be happy to know that a major update is coming very soon to that aircraft, looking to squash some errors and even add new functionality. Find the release notes below to see what’s being changed, and stay tuned to your original provider to get the update once that becomes available.

 Changelog – Kodiak 100 Series II v1.0.24:

  • Changed low idle to 54% N1.
  • Changed high idle to 68% N1.
  • Fixed pitch trim mismatch when disengaging AP.
  • Improved Autopilot PID for NAV & LOC hold.
  • Increased propeller drag significantly and corrected engine output at lower power settings 
  • Corrections to AC physics system to account for wind from all directions when doors are open.
  • Added TAWS INHIBIT function.
  • Fixed overhead reading light casting even when potentiometre was off.
  • Various code improvements and fixes.
  • Shortened condition lever movement range.
  • Fixed AP, AoA and O2 lights culling in all cockpit variants.
  • Fixed inverted VS wheel animation.
  • Re-rigged hobbs metre (engine time).
  • Corrected stray labels in all VCs.
  • Added AI models.
  • LOD2 now has dummy screens for performance (all variants).
  • Improvements to the electrical system.
  • Separated G1000 screen brightness from buttons and made screen fully dimmable for night flying.
  • Increased autopilot panel minimum brightness to 2% when on.
  • Changed torque gauge readout graduation to 10 instead of 1ft-lb.
sws kodiak 100 msfs update