(Released!) SimWorks Studios and FS Academy partnering in 4 new missions for MSFS

As promised, Humanitarian Wings: Aviation Sans Frontières, a new 4-mission package for MSFS, is now available through Orbx Direct. This joint partnership between SimWorks Studios and FS Academy is a philanthropic effort that reverts entirely to Aviation Sans Frontieres. Read more below!

A new partnership has been formed by two well-known third-party developers in the MSFS community. SimWorks Studios, who continues to ride on the success of the brilliant Kodiak 100, one of the most beloved airplanes in MSFS so far, is joining efforts with FS Academy, creators of some great training packages for the simulator. This joint venture has resulted in the release of a series of 4 missions based on the real-world operations of Aviation Sans Frontières.

These 4 missions take place in the Central African Republic, a war-battered country that is often the target of humanitarian missions. SimWorks Studios and FSAcademy are looking to re-create some of these missions in MSFS, with a charitable goal in mind: all the proceeds of this sale will go to Aviation San Frontières.

HUmanitarian wings msfs 1

aviation sans frontieres msfs

aviation sans frontieres msfs 2

This new add-on, aptly named Humanitarian Wings: Aviation Sans Frontières, was released Tuesday, February 8, exclusively through Orbx. The package includes the 4 aforementioned missions, two new liveries for the Cessna Grand Caravan in Aviation San Frontières colors, and improved scenery for Bangui Airport, Mobaye & Alindao airstrips, and Kouango. A free demo is available, featuring one of the missions, so you can get a feel for the whole package.

One would expect that the Kodiak 100 would be available to select as the aircraft of choice to fly these missions, but that’s not the case. Given that the liveries are only for the C208B, and this is the actual aircraft flown by Aviation Sans Frontières in the real-world mission, it seems the developers are aiming for realism with this package.

In any case, it’s great to see developers getting together for a good cause, and Humanitarian Wings: Aviation Sans Frontières may prove to also be a great excuse to visit Africa and its unique landscapes in MSFS. Just like we did with SimWorks Studios’ Okavango Delta, well before the studio became famous.