FS Academy – VFR gets a major update for MSFS

FS Academy has created some of the best learning resources currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in the form of training courses destined for those looking to learn IFR and VFR flying, or even for seasoned simmers that wish to get on the controls of a Jetliner.

FS Academy has proven to be so good with this that Microsoft even partnered with the developer to create the IFR and Bush Flying training tutorials that were included with Sim Update 7, which are a great starting point for simmers on a budget. It’s the closest experience we can have to the old Rod Machado training lessons in FSX.

Despite now having contributed with some free training lessons inside MSFS, FS Academy continues to support the more in-depth training packages that were initially launched way back in the early days of the simulator. One of these packages is FS Academy – VFR, which has now received its largest update yet, which introduces a series of welcome improvements.

New and existing owners of FS Academy can now get version 1.3 of the product, which adds on-screen objectives and game markers, refined mission triggers, and instructor notices for excessive pitch and bank, among other improvements.

fs academy vfr update.msfs 2
FS Academy – VFR is perfectly integrated into MSFS.

We became fans of this package when it launched back in December 2020, more than a year ago, and these improvements only make the experience better. FS Academy – VFR continues to be a very useful resource for new pilots or for those who wish to refresh some basic ideas about flying. After all, since it’s created by an actual A320 captain, it’s built with deep real-world knowledge and offers plenty of invaluable lessons to start out in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FS Academy – VFR is available through most third-party stores (such as Aerosoft), where you can now get the new updated version. All the information you may need about this or any other FS Academy training package is available on the developer’s website.

v1.3 release notes:

  • Onscreen Objectives
  • Game Markers
  • Instructor now notices excessive pitch/bank etc
  • Full overhaul of mission triggers, with additions, refinements and improvements
  • Menu UI improvements
  • Dialog and subtitle updates
  • Intro/Outro cinematics
  • Many other minor fixes.
  • Map for VFR04 (Included in the free manual, available here)

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