Orbx lays out plans for 2022: new airplanes and airports coming to MSFS

Orbx is one of the biggest names in the flight simulation industry and has been at the forefront of content development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With regular releases that touch nearly every continent, it’s naturally a development house that attracts a lot of attention from simmers looking to get some awesome new airports, scenery enhancements, or even the odd aircraft.

Now that we’re well into 2022, Orbx’s Anna Cicognani has shared the studio’s plans for the year ahead, and there’s plenty to get excited about! For starters, Prague Airport is just about to be released, as we revealed just a couple of weeks ago. Also, Landmarks Panama Canal, which was initially predicted for 2021, is currently about to be finished and should be out soon, apparently with innovative new features.

Possibly the most interesting revelation from Anna is that “a swag of aircraft” will come to MSFS in 2022, which appears to be a sizable increase in numbers when compared to the lonely release of the Edgley Optica in 2021 (and not counting the recently launched Fokker F.VII). No names were provided for these new upcoming airplanes, so stay tuned to learn more once Orbx decides to share the specifics of each new airplane.

While new airplanes are always welcome and usually garner greater attention, Orbx is known for the airports and scenery add-ons it makes, and these will continue to be a focus in this new year. Expect the release of new airports such as KCRW Chuck Yeager, KFAT Fresno, KPBI Palm Beach, VTSP Phuket and KBOI Boise. Furthermore, Orbx will be working on Tullamarine Airport, in Melbourne, which will be accompanied by a new City Pack dedicated to this gorgeous Australian city.

Orbx msfs roadmap 2022 5

Orbx msfs roadmap 2022 4

Orbx msfs roadmap 2022 3

Orbx msfs roadmap 2022 2

Orbx msfs roadmap 2022 1

Besides the new in-house creations at Orbx, the studio is also projecting the upcoming releases of the independent developers that they closely collaborate with. For example, Marcus Nyberg is actively working on ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and Finn Hansen is focused on Oslo’s ENGM airport, among other developers with their respective projects.

Naturally, Orbx will continue to support existing products, like New Zealand Mesh, which will get high-resolution LiDAR data, and Landmarks Auckland. Orbx will also continue to bring additional products in the Landmarks series to Xbox simmers.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on at Orbx, and we can’t wait to see what comes out of the prolific Australian studio, especially when it comes to those new airplanes. Who knows, maybe they will update their beloved Lancair to MSFS… that would be quite something!

To learn about all the new stuff, with some additional information besides what we highlighted here, check the original blog post from Anna Cicognani in the Orbx Forum.