New images of Aerosoft Brussels Airport, a super-detailed scenery coming to MSFS in Q1

Aerosoft’s developer Jo Erlend has been putting an incommensurable number of hours into his re-creation of Brussels International Airport (EBBR). It’s a project that has been unfolding literally for years, but it appears to finally be getting ready for a release in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Aerosoft has been sharing the development progress of this scenery in the company’s forum, where the developer seldomly shares new images and feature previews to show how things are going. We’ve seen some very impressive images and videos of this scenery, which has been painstakingly modeled inside and out for MSFS.

While Aerosoft’s Brussels Airport looks and feels as realistic and detailed as it can get on the outside, it’s the interior of this airport that steals the show. We often hear simmers raising doubts about developers spending time modeling something that a pilot doesn’t see from the cockpit, but there are some cases when this work can add value as an immersion feature, especially in modern airports with big glass terminals. The transparent windows and the life behind them, with passengers moving around as they wait for their flight, really make the sim feel alive.

Jo Erlend is going well beyond that, though. The entire interior of EBBR’s Terminal has been modeled in incredible detail, so much so that it actually invites the pilot to get out of the airplane and go get a snack inside. Or, for the sake of ultra-realism, to walk the terminal using the drone camera, suitcase and briefcase in hand, heading to the airplane waiting at the gate for a flight crew to take it to a new destination.

On the outside, where the action really happens, EBBR is looking supremely good and authentic. Here you will find the VDGS, a docking guidance system that helps pilots park their airplanes.

Aerosoft Brussels Airport MSFS 7

Aerosoft Brussels Airport MSFS 6

Aerosoft Brussels Airport MSFS 5

Aerosoft Brussels Airport MSFS 4

Aerosoft Brussels Airport MSFS 3

Aerosoft Brussels Airport MSFS 1

Jo Erlend’s work here is so impressive that Aerosoft is even using this project as a testbed for new techniques and technologies to use in future projects, which is one of the reasons why it’s taking so long to be released, besides the huge amount of work that is being put into it, obviously. Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok is seriously impressed: “I can’t stress enough what a special project this is. Been doing this for a few decades but this scenery (with the docking module) is simply the best I have seen.” 

Fortunately, the waiting time is coming to an end. Brussels Airport is currently expected to be released for MSFS in Q1 2022, so there’s only just a handful of weeks, at most (if all goes well), for us to finally see the result of all these years of work. Until then, enjoy this latest set of images and a preview video of the terminal interior.