Wing42’s Lockheed Vega to be released with floats

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Lockheed Vega development for MSFS, you already know almost everything that there is to know about Wing42’s first aircraft for the new Flight Simulator. But there’s some new good stuff!

In a twitter post, Otmar Nitsche from Wing42 revealed that the Vega will also be released in a floating version, which is definitely good news, given the current lack of variety of amphibious airplanes for MSFS. Besides the default Icon A5, so far there’s only the ‘Bird Dog’, which appears to be getting somewhat disappointing reviews. There is therefore a lot of expectation for a good aircraft that can land in the water. Which takes us to the next point.

Otmar also talked a bit about the water physics in MSFS. He stated that “the way that MSFS calculates the water physics seems to be the same as in FSX”, which is unfortunate. It’s clear from current experiences flying the Icon A5 that fluid dynamics are lackluster in MSFS, but Otmar also states that as far as he knows Asobo is looking for a future update to tackle on that.

For now there’s still no release date for the Lockheed Vega, although as we’ve noted in previous posts there will be two versions of the aircraft. It will be released first in a simplified variety, with a complex system simulation upgrade to arrive at a later stage.

For now, enjoy the latest images released by the developer, sporting not only the floats but also new liveries.