Flysimware is putting the finishing touches on its Cessna 414A Chancellor for MSFS

Flysimware has been relatively quiet with development updates for new MSFS airplanes. After the initial release of the Grumman G-44A Widgeon, Flysimware shifted some development resources to a more sophisticated aircraft, the Cessna 414A. It now appears that this work is nearing completion, as the developer shares a great video of the aircraft in MSFS with the promise that it’s about to hit stores soon!

We first heard of Flysimware’s Cessna 414A back in July, when the first images of the MSFS model were shown. The developers used their newfound knowledge about MSFS development to go for a higher-end aircraft, when compared to the Widgeon, as the 414 is a light twin-engined, IFR-capable and pressurized aircraft.

Flysimware revealed a few months back that this project was almost done, and it was set to be the most realistic aircraft the developers have ever made for flight simulator. Coding was “about 70% done” back in September, and the textures also appeared to be finished by that time, so everything was getting ready to start a beta stage of the product before the eventual release for MSFS.

Following this, Flysimware has just shared a new video that gives us a sneak peek into the current state of the aircraft, particularly when it comes to the extensive night lighting options that are available to the pilot. But there’s more! Flightsimware also shows us what appears to be a highly detailed interior model and textures, extending from the cozy environment in the cabin to the classic cockpit with steam gauges at the front.

The cockpit of the 414 that Flightsimware is presenting us is particularly charming, with those retro gauges mixed with a handy Garmin GPS unit in the center. It’s unclear if the final package will enable different configuration options, although the developer does show how the included EFB will look like. It clearly will enable the activation of external equipment, the use of doors or the setup of pre-determined aircraft states, but we don’t know yet if further options will be available to customize the instrument panel to user preference.

It appears Flightsimware has great ambitions for this project, and these early previews do show a lot of promise for this new twin-engine airplane for MSFS. A release is likely to happen soon, so stay tuned for further updates once they become available!

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