iniBuilds A380 to be rebuilt and released exclusively on Microsoft Flight Simulator

iniBuilds has said that its Airbus A380 project, first announced back in 2019, is to be rebuilt “from scratch” before being released on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

While no timeframe for release was given, the developer said that the A380 would be built alongside its newly announced Airbus A350.

“The new A380 project will be for Microsoft Flight Simulator which will be built alongside the A350 project, but will release afterwards with no timeline planned at this time. Furthermore, there is no other versions planned for other simulators at this time”, iniBuilds said.

The update on iniBuilds’ A380 comes after FlyByWire shared an update on its A380 earlier this month. The developer, well known for its A32NX, offered a new look at the external model of the aircraft, particularly focusing on the engines and the underside, and a glimpse into the A380’s FMS.