iniBuilds Airbus A350 for Microsoft Flight Simulator announced, expected 2024

iniBuilds has announced the development of the Airbus A350 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, expected to be launched in 2024.

In a blog post previewing its roadmap for the next year, the renowned developer said it intends to have both the -900 and -1000 variants available, with both winglet types modelled on the -900.


A preview screenshot was also shared, with the developer saying it is “highly WIP”, adding: “please do not over-analyze the image”.

Despite its real-world popularity and success, an A350 has not yet been developed for MSFS; Digital Flight Dynamics have previously announced that it was developing an A350, however no release date has been shared. The aircraft is understood to be particularly challenging to bring to the simulator, with its complex aviconics, and the purported lack of real-world reference materials and documentation.

iniBuilds said: “If you are an A350 type rated pilot, or engineer please do reach out to us as we get into the depths of this project! We have no more information to add for now but we will have development updates throughout 2024 before release.”

In addition to announcing its A350, the developer also shared some other updates. Regarding its A380, it said: “We have decided to re-build the A380 model previously announced from scratch during the early days of iniBuilds. The new A380 project will be for Microsoft Flight Simulator which will be built alongside the A350 project but will release afterwards with no timeline planned at this time. Furthermore, there is no other versions planned for other simulators at this time.”

In the first quarter of 2024, it said it would release scenery for Abu Dhabi International Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport, both of which were previewed in new screenshots.

omaa 1

omaa 3

omaa 2

leeds 2

leeds 3

leeds 1

leeds 4

Finally, iniBuilds said that the price and release date for its upcoming Airbus A300-600R for MSFS would be announced next week on December 26th.