Got Friends Releases Mozzie Mk III Freeware to Support a Noble Cause

The Got Friends team is back this holiday season with a new freeware release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Yet, this initiative carries additional significance beyond offering a new, enjoyable aircraft to fly. It’s a heartfelt appeal that encapsulates the true spirit of the holiday season: a time of giving and communal support.

This new aircraft from Got Friends is a fun little experimental helicopter, the Mozzie Mk III. It’s a simple flying machine that is just perfect for low-level sightseeing with its open cockpit, but it’s still a fully functional rotorcraft. It’s free and is available now from the Got Friends website.

Got Friends Mozzie helicopter MSFS 4

Got Friends Mozzie helicopter MSFS 2.png

Got Friends Mozzie helicopter MSFS 1.png

But the release of Mozzie Mk III carries a deeper significance. It is part of a fundraising effort to support Scott Yaeger, the father of Jonx, a key member of the Got Friends team, who recently underwent emergency brain surgery.

Scott is a disabled veteran who faced a life-threatening medical emergency. Due to the VA’s inability to approve his surgery in time, Scott was at risk of total blindness. He had already lost one eye, and the recent surgery was a critical measure to save his vision in the remaining eye. The surgery, conducted on December 14th, 2023, was successful, and Scott is now on the road to recovery.

Got Friends Mozzie helicopter MSFS 5.png

The financial burden of this emergency surgery is high. With the VA unable to cover the expenses due to a lack of pre-approval, Jonx has taken it upon himself to raise funds to aid his father’s recovery.

For those interested in supporting Scott Yaeger’s recovery, donations can be made directly through the GoFundMe page at Scott’s Emergency Brain Surgery Fund.