Watch the trailer for Marwan Gharib’s HJet, landing in MSFS on May 31

Exactly one month ago, we learned that FlighFX had partnered with Marwan Gharib to bring his HJet (based on the HondaJet), to Microsoft Flight Simulator, in a distribution, marketing, and support agreement. FlightFX has now finally revealed the release date for this highly-awaited business jet, which is currently set to be released on May 31.

We’ve followed the development of this project for some time, thinking it deserved some attention for its apparent quality, but also for bringing to MSFS a type of aircraft that surely needs some attention. Airliner simmers are now busy with a bunch of spectacular new products, and GA pilots have enjoyed some excellent small airplanes as well. Corporate pilots, fans of fast bizjets and the likes, have been somewhat left in the dust, with only the Working Title CJ4 offering a truly compelling experience.

This may change now, as the HJet is finally ready to take to the skies in MSFS. The jet will launch on the Marketplace on the last day of May, with a simultaneous release for PC and Xbox. At least that’s the goal, but we know things can get unpredictable. Marwan says that “if for some reason there are additional unexpected challenges that surface between now and then we will work to release an update quickly for XBOX users to be able to have access.”

To go along with the release date announcement for the HJet, FlightFX released a cool trailer video for the aircraft, which you can watch below in all its 4K glory:

Once the day arrives, you’ll be able to grab your HJet for just $24.99, as revealed a few weeks ago. But if you’re in doubt about the whole thing, we’re happy to report that two beloved streamers will have the opportunity to share their impressions with the community before the release, so simmers can see the aircraft in more detail before making purchase decisions.

Our friend TwoToneMurphy will be the first to stream the HJet, with a live preflight inspection scheduled for May 25 at 1900Z. Then, on Monday, May 30, at 1700Z, The Flying Fabio will conduct a full flight test in his typically in-depth and interactive style, where he’s expected to cover the aircraft and its features in great detail. Save the dates!

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 15

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 14

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 13

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 12

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 11

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 10

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 9

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 8

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 7

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 6

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 5

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 3

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 2

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 1

The official product images of the HJet look very promising, with a beautifully detailed external model, cabin, and cockpit. But we’re hoping to see more than just pretty visuals! We’ve seen a real-world pilot of the HondaJet testing this virtual version with great praise, and since it’s powered by Working Title’s G3000 mod, we know the avionics will be good too.

With all the recent fuss about airliners, it’s great to see some anticipation build-up for another promising – but different – kind of airplane. If all goes well, Marwan’s HJet should set a new standard for small business jets in Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ll find out soon!