Cockspur’s Phenom 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has gone into beta testing

Cockspur has reached a pivotal milestone with its Phenom 100 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft, which has been the focus for the developer since the C510 Mustang came out, has officially transitioned from Alpha to Beta testing. This progression inches the elegant business jet closer to a release that we are now expecting to happen early in 2024.

The Cockspur PH100 already has a price tag associated with it ($26.99), and now we’re learning more about the features being built into the product. As we’ve reported before, the development team, led by Sebastian Darrell, is applying lessons learned from previous projects to enhance the Phenom 100’s features and performance.

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 2 1

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 4 1

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 3 1

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 10

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 5 1

According to the latest development update, the PH100 will boast a suite of advanced features, including a custom G1000 NXi, FADEC simulation, and an authentic flight model. These elements aim to replicate the real-world aircraft’s performance and handling characteristics accurately.

The Phenom 100 will also feature detailed visual elements. Pilots can expect to see bags and passengers that correspond to payload settings, high-quality liveries with decals and dynamic registration, and external static objects.

Cockspur also promises to bolster the Phenom 100 with authentic sounds recorded from the actual aircraft.

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 7

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 9

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 6 1

Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS 8

The development process of the Phenom 100 has been enriched by the contributions of real-life pilots. Their expertise should be crucial in refining the flight model and systems, ensuring an authentic simulation that mirrors real-world operations.

The real-world Phenom 100 is known for its efficiency and advanced avionics and is a popular choice in the light business jet category. It’s a direct competitor to the Citation Mustang, which Cockspur has also developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Preliminary Features:

  • Custom G1000 NXi
  • FADEC simulated using WASM
  • Precision made flight model
  • Bags and passengers visible based on weight added to the aircraft
  • Fully decal liveries
  • Blank model and textures for painters
  • Dynamic registration on all liveries
  • Static objects
  • Sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Combined checklist/static elements toggle that can be pulled from the sidepocket
  • Developed with the help of IRL pilots