PMDG Shares New Previews of the 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG continues gearing up for the release of the much anticipated Boeing 777 for MSFS in 2024. This project promises to bring an unprecedented level of virtual realism and detail to one of the most iconic long-haul airliners in the world. Following a series of updates and teasers, PMDG’s Robert Randazzo shared new insights today about the ongoing development efforts while offering an exciting glimpse into the exterior modeling and texturing of the aircraft.

In a festive-themed update, Randazzo shared the first “true” preview images of the 777 at Dzerweicki Design Studios’ rendition of KPAE. Randazzo pointed out several intricate details in the images, such as the color distortion through the cockpit glass, a result of the glass’s strength treatment and anti-icing qualities. He also drew attention to the skin doublers, flush riveting, and surface irregularities around the nose radome and forward gear bay doors.


“These details are incredibly subtle, but when you view the airplane from the outside, they become incredibly convincing to the eye,” Randazzo explained, emphasizing how these nuances contribute to the aircraft’s realism under the MSFS rendering engine.

The tail section of the 777 also received special mention. Randazzo described the panel seams, rivets, and the paint’s ripping effect, which differ on carbon fiber and aluminum surfaces, adding a three-dimensional feel to the aircraft.

Randazzo also provided insights into the performance and technical aspects of the 777 simulation. He noted that the performance is close to PMDG’s 737 product line, indicating that users with systems capable of running the 737 should expect smooth operation with the 777. The development team’s focus on efficient memory and code resource management was highlighted as a key factor in maintaining performance.



The 777’s fly-by-wire system is another area where PMDG has focused its efforts. “A full C*U simulation along with all of the various control laws combine to give you a true fly-by-wire experience, just as Boeing designed her. (…) We have a very true-to-life simulation of the airplane here, in all phases of flight- and in all phases of system misbehavior, too- since we are PMDG, after all,” Randazzo stated.

As the flight testing program continues, Randazzo expressed satisfaction with the progress and promised more previews in the coming days and weeks. “We are going to deliver to you a truly remarkable ship. We promise,” he concluded, reflecting the team’s commitment to quality and realism.

The PMDG 777 is now undergoing beta testing, a crucial development phase that precedes the release. We’re expecting to see a few months of intensive testing of the package, but it’s all aligning well for a release in the first half of 2024 if previous PMDG releases are of any indication.