GSX Pro Introduces Reverse Pushback for Improved Ground Operations in MSFS

GSX Pro is, without a doubt, one of the most popular add-ons for airline pilots, who find the Ground Services add-on to be a huge upgrade to pre and post-flight operations in the simulator. It’s a must-have to increase realism in airports and continues to receive regular updates since it was released back in 2022.

Users of GSX Pro are in for a treat this end-of-year with the software’s latest feature: reverse pushback! This innovative addition promises to simulate more realistic pushback procedures, especially in areas with limited maneuvering space. This allows simmers to position their aircraft precisely where needed in the shortest time possible.

In a new video shared by developer Umberto Colapicchioni, he explains that creating a custom pushback slot is now a breeze with the GSX parking customization page. Users can add a slot, name it for easy recognition, and then dive into the pushback editor. The editor, equipped with an intuitive interface, allows for precise path planning and considers the aircraft and tow truck dynamics, ensuring a realistic representation of the pushback curve.

The update also introduces a significant improvement in path control. Users can insert waypoints to fine-tune the pushback path, addressing any constraints posed by the aircraft and tug system. The most notable change is the editor’s ability to automatically detect when to switch from pushing to pulling, a feature absent in previous versions. This automatic detection ensures a smoother, more efficient pushback process, even in complex scenarios.

Now it’s up to profile creators to explore and share their custom pushback slots. With no limit on the number of slots per gate, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Reverse Pushback is included with the latest free update to GSX Pro.

GSX Pro Version 2.8.9:

  • GSX (all versions) New: Adding support for Pull during Pushback (Reverse Pushback).
  • GSX (all versions) New: Adding “Return to Gate” option at the end of Pushback.
  • GSX Pro New: PMDG 737 Integration, added External Power connection when operating Jetways.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Jetway connection correctly detected when restarting the Couatl engine when a Jetway is already connected.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Several timing tweaks added to prevent editing markers being left on ground after exit any editor.
  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Interrupt Pushback before the Tug connects.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Fixed FSDT KEYW install detection.
  • GSX (all versions) NEW:Added the following Handling operators: Lodz Airport (Poland), Frankfurt Hahn (Germany), ThaiAir Asia (Thailand), Maman Cargo (Israel), London City Airport (UK), JetCenters of Colorado (USA).
  • FSDT KORD V2 NEW: Default GSX Profile for MSFS updated with many Push-Pull procedures.