iniBuilds A300-600 releasing this week, priced at £34.99

iniBuilds’ much-anticipated A300-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released this week, priced at £34.99, the developer has said.

Writing on the iniBuilds forum, the developer said: “We are pleased to inform you that we are doing the final preparation of the aircraft and release will be before this weekend.” The product page has gone live, showing the aircraft’s full description and features, as have the Simbrief profiles, liveries, and the paint kit.

The NDA for content creators and the testing team is set to be lifted at 6pm UTC today, opening the door for further previews and first impressions from select members of the flight sim community. iniBuilds added: “Please note they have a beta version of the aircraft, so an issue might present itself. Our team are monitoring all and will ensure as many things are fixed as possible.

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Ahead of the release, iniBuilds has also published an 18-minute “Welcome to the A300-600R Airliner” video, intended for “for those who might be on the fence about purchasing the aircraft or would like to know more about the depth of detail we have gone into.”

The video explores the aircraft’s background and real-world history, before examining the 3D and texture work, cockpit and interior details, maintenance options, sounds, system changes and the new flight model.