The HPG H145 just got a built-in multiplayer platform

Helicopter enthusiasts in MSFS now have an exciting new feature to look forward to with the latest build of the HPG H145 helicopter. Build 387, which is compatible with SU11 and SU12, includes a multiplayer mission platform that allows players to join live games with just one click on the tablet!

The multiplayer platform features several activities, including cargo transfer, firefighting, and HEMS rescue operations. Players can choose from various rooms with different activities, such as the Pic du Midi Observatory in France for cargo transfer, a train crash in Boston for HEMS rescue, and a fire in Bel-Air for firefighting. The activities come with specific goals and locations, promising an exciting and challenging experience for helicopter pilots.

H145 multiplayer misisons msfs 1

Users can initiate the missions through the H145 tablet, in Missions -> Library -> HPG Multiplayer. These are the rooms that are currently available:

  • Room 1
    • Activity: Sling Cargo transfer
    • Activity Title: Pic du Midi Observatory
    • Location: France, Start at LFBT or directly at the POI
    • Goal: Transfer 22 cargo packages from the staging location (identified on the map) to the Observatory (identified on the map).
  • Room 2
    • Activity: HEMS Multi-Casualty event
    • Activity Title: Train Crash Boston
    • Location: USA, Start at KBOS or nearby Boston area
    • Goal: Transfer many injured (after train hits school bus) from the staging location (flare) to any nearby hospitals with availability.
  • Room 3
    • Activity: Firefighting
    • Activity Title: Bel-Air Fire
    • Location: USA, Start at KHHR or nearby Los Angeles area
    • Goal: Extinguish the fires that are threatening nearby structures. Two temporary water sources have been established, and there is a large lake nearby.

Aside from the multiplayer mission platform, the latest build also includes updates and bug fixes. The FLI results are no longer impacted by the SAS slider, and the FLI calculations have been updated. The mission system also has new features, such as the teleport_to command and create_location.no_results_commands. Players using SU11 and SU12 can now select the Sim Version option on the tablet Aircraft Options page.

However, there are some known issues that players should be aware of. For instance, GTC leaves yaw trim in until landing, while WTT MODE is currently inoperative with SU11 helicopters. Additionally, the FSRealistic Low-altitude turbulence is not compatible with helicopters. The Arcade mode and Classic flight model are not currently available, replaced by Fly-By-Wire + MSFS Tail Rotor Assist. Players should also avoid binding to both RUDDER AXIS and TAIL ROTOR AXIS to avoid losing yaw control.

Players experiencing any crashes while using the H145 helicopter can follow the CTD reporting steps on HPG’s Discord. Despite the known issues, the new multiplayer mission platform and updates are sure to provide an exciting and immersive experience for helicopter enthusiasts in MSFS!