TwoToneMurphy Previews the CH-47D by MilTech Simulations

Helicopter enthusiasts often find themselves overshadowed by the abundance of content available for fixed-wing pilots within Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fixed-wing pilots typically enjoy a diverse array of releases and previews from countless developers dedicated to crafting these aircraft for the simulator. However, every so often, an exciting project emerges, capturing the attention of rotorcraft pilots too. Today, we’re thrilled to present an enticing preview of such a project: the Miltech Simulations CH-47D Chinook.

This week, our friend TwoToneMurphy had the opportunity to preview an early build of this awesome heavy-lift utility aircraft, known for its critical role in military operations. TwoToneMurphy’s firsthand insights provide an in-depth look at the CH-47D’s features, design, and performance within MSFS.

Drawing inspiration from the real-world Boeing Chinook, the CH-47D model within MSFS captures the essence of the aircraft’s iconic “You call, we haul” capability. This tandem rotor marvel is not only an engineering feat in the physical world but also a testament to MilTech Simulations’ prowess, building on their impressive V-22 Osprey release.

With anticipation building for Sim Update 15, the Chinook is poised to benefit from substantial improvements to rotorcraft simulation. This update is expected to introduce enhanced flight dynamics and support for multi-rotor helicopters, among other important enhancements.

TwoToneMurphy’s preview highlights the attention to detail MilTech Simulations has invested in the CH-47D. From its formidable structure to the intricate texture work and PBR, every element has been meticulously crafted to provide a visually stunning and authentic representation.

Miltech Simulations CH 47 Chinook MSFS 3

The preview also showcases the advanced avionics and EFB that deepen the simulation’s complexity and operational capabilities, emphasizing the model’s sophisticated system simulations and immersive experience.

Inside the CH-47D’s cockpit, a wealth of details reflects the complexity of its real-life counterpart. The preview emphasizes the precision and realism of the instruments and controls, set against a backdrop of a cockpit that bears the marks of intensive use over the years.

Murphy’s exploration of the CH-47D’s startup sequence, ground taxiing, and aerial maneuvers illustrates the aircraft’s distinctive handling characteristics. The narrative captures the essence of piloting this colossal helicopter, detailing everything from the complexity of engine startup to the finesse required for effective ground taxiing and takeoff.

Miltech Simulations CH 47 Chinook MSFS 4

A notable feature of the CH-47 is its formidable load-carrying capacity, a trait Miltech Simulations aims to faithfully replicate for MSFS enthusiasts. TwoToneMurphy’s preview delves into the cargo loading process, employing both the hoist and sling, offering a window into the operational challenges and satisfaction derived from managing external loads in flight.

Miltech Simulations is set to release the Chinook CH-47D for both Xbox and PC platforms, with an approximate price tag of 36 USD. While a specific release date has yet to be announced, rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news as it becomes available. Stay tuned!