“Business as usual” at PMDG in light of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 announcement

In the wake of the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (MSFS 2024) announcement, PMDG’s CEO, Robert Randazzo, issued a statement ensuring that PMDG’s development plans remain unchanged. MSFS 2024, the next iteration of Microsoft’s popular flight simulator franchise, was announced this weekend completely out of the blue and stirred emotions in the community as uncertainty settled regarding the future of the 2020 edition of MSFS. Things have since settled down a bit.

PMDG has confirmed they do not anticipate any changes to their development agenda, product plans, pricing strategy, or product release schedule. Randazzo emphasized that PMDG is not a Microsoft partner and does not receive advanced information from Microsoft. His guidance is based on the overall message Microsoft appears to be communicating, which he describes as “business as usual” for PMDG.

Historically, PMDG has shown strong commitment to MSFS, viewing it not as a port-over process, but as a platform requiring a new development approach to take full advantage of its capabilities. The company plans to bring its entire product lines into Microsoft Flight Simulator, which include the already available 737 and DC-6, but also the 777 and 747.

The recent announcement from Microsoft has not altered these plans. Randazzo stated that there are no changes in development plans for PMDG 737, 777, DC-6 for MSFS, nor for PMDG’s agenda after the 777 release, nor for their continued improvements to existing products (which includes the much-awaited EFB).

Randazzo also reassured customers about the forward compatibility of their PMDG products with the new MSFS 2024. He emphasized that both Microsoft and PMDG have a shared interest in ensuring forward compatibility to protect customer investment in the hobby. However, he noted that the company is still evaluating the news based on publicly available information, and will continue to keep customers informed as more detailed information from Microsoft becomes available.

It will be interesting to see how PMDG and other developers adapt to the evolving landscape of MSFS. So far, developers’ response has been in line with PMDG’s statement. The initial moments of panic gave way to cautious optimism with the promise of backward compatibility and the clear sign that Microsoft continues invested in pushing the boundaries even further with its platform.

As more information becomes available about MSFS 2024 we will surely keep you posted!