Just Flight Showcases A2A-like Walkaround Feature in Upcoming PA-38 Tomahawk for MSFS

Just Flight is currently channeling significant effort into the long-awaited development of the PA-38 Tomahawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following a period of dedication to other ambitious projects, the team has now refocused its attention on the Tomahawk, a project once touted as potentially their “best GA aircraft yet for MSFS.” The latest update from Just Flight builds upon this foundation, hinting at an unprecedented level of simulation depth that simmers can look forward to.

Today’s update showcases the implementation of an interactive walkaround mode in the PA-38 Tomahawk, drawing inspiration from the high standards set by A2A Simulations with their Accu-Sim Comanche 250. A2A’s pre-flight walkaround feature raised the bar for realism and immersion in MSFS, enabling pilots to thoroughly inspect their aircraft before flight. Just Flight’s incorporation of this feature into the Tomahawk project marks an exciting evolution, offering pilots a dynamic method to conduct pre-flight checks via the EFB, mirroring the approach taken by A2A with its Comanche.

The Tomahawk’s walkaround mode will allow simmers to explore the aircraft’s exterior, engaging with various components essential for verifying the aircraft’s flight readiness. From installing and removing chocks and tie-downs to examining control surfaces and the propeller, Just Flight aims to plunge simmers into a comprehensive pre-flight process.

Moreover, this meticulous attention to detail extends to the simulation of wear and tear, where the aircraft’s condition dynamically reflects the pilot’s handling and the operational environment. Pilots will need to exercise care in their handling of the aircraft, as reckless behavior could lead to tangible consequences.

The update also highlights the impact of the vacuum system on cockpit instruments, further enhancing the realism of engine startups and shutdowns.

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk MSFS Walkaround mode 4.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk MSFS Walkaround mode 3.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk MSFS Walkaround mode 2.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk MSFS Walkaround mode 1.PNG

Accompanying this update, Just Flight has released new preview images showcasing the walkaround mode and the corresponding EFB screens. These images continue to demonstrate the developer’s commitment to visual fidelity, with ongoing efforts to re-texture the exterior of the Tomahawk. This promises a visually stunning final product that complements its sophisticated systems and features.

The Just Flight PA-38 Tomahawk is shaping up to be one of the most impressive GA airplanes in the simulator, provided Just Flight can deliver on the high standards it has set for this project. While this project is still a work in progress, Just Flight is aiming for a release around Easter, at the end of March.