Just Flight now focused on the PA-38 Tomahawk for MSFS

Just Flight’s product pipeline for MSFS is brimming with diverse and ambitious projects, as their recent status update shows. Among these, the PA-38 Tomahawk has emerged as a focal point for the team after a year-long hiatus while other projects demanded their attention.

The PA-38 Tomahawk was once touted to become Just Flight’s “best GA aircraft yet for MSFS,” generating significant anticipation for this project. In the latest development update published today, Just Flight focuses on the work being done to enhance the realism and depth of the cockpit, along with offering extensive customization options.

Let’s start with the immersive cockpit lighting. Just Flight explains that simmers will be able to adjust the brightness of the cockpit instrument panel and pillar lights, as well as the radio panel lighting, through two rotary knobs on the lower instrument panel. While it’s not a complex lighting system like what’s available in the Vulcan or the F28, the PA-38 lighting nonetheless creates a cozy environment for night flights.

The exterior lighting is also receiving attention, with navigation, anti-collision, and landing lights controlled by switches on the lower main instrument panel. While the full extent of these improvements is still under wraps, Just Flight has indicated that a complete rework of the exterior textures is in progress, promising more details in future updates.

Customization is a key feature of the PA-38, as expected from Just Flight’s existing aircraft portfolio for MSFS. The Tomahawk will initially feature a standard avionics stack, including a GMA340 audio selector, SL30 and SL40 nav/comm transceivers, and a GTX 328 transponder. However, simmers seeking a more contemporary setup will have options to upgrade to advanced avionics like the Working Title GNS430/GNS530, PMS50 GTN750, and TDS GTNXi. This customization allows the aircraft to cater to a wide range of preferences, from training scenarios to long-distance touring.

In terms of traditional navigation technologies, the addition of an optional OBS to the main instrument panel will enable pilots to track two navaids simultaneously. There will also be an option to install a KR85 ADF unit and an ADF indicator, enhancing the aircraft’s analog navigational capabilities.

The integration of Just Flight’s EFB into the PA-38 marks another significant step in the aircraft’s development. Compatible with Navigraph and SimBrief, the EFB will include a variety of features, with an “Aircraft” page dedicated to managing the extensive customization options. Just Flight has also hinted at new features being added to the EFB, with details expected in future updates.

Just Flight’s PA-38 Tomahawk, blending classic design with modern technological integration, promises another great general aviation experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ll continue to track the development of this project and bring you any future updates. There’s no estimated release date yet, but we expect the PA-38 may be out in the coming months. Stay tuned!