Miami International Airport now Available for MSFS from BMWorld and AmSim

The collaborative efforts of BMWorld and AmSim have once again borne fruit. Following their work on locations such as San Diego, Phoenix, and Seattle‘s Airports, among others, these developers have now released their rendition of Miami International Airport (KMIA).

This meticulously crafted representation of one of the United States’ most pivotal air transport hubs marks the second occasion this airport has been tackled by major developers in the community, with LatinVFR already having released their own version.

Strategically located near downtown Miami and sprawling over 3,230 acres, Miami International Airport is not only a key gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean but also a vital economic engine for Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida.

Generating an annual business revenue of $31.9 billion, KMIA’s influence extends beyond its immediate geographical bounds, supporting approximately 60 percent of all international visitors to Florida. The airport’s ambitious vision aims to elevate its status from a recognized hemispheric hub to a global airport of choice, promising an enhanced customer experience and expanded direct access to global destinations for both passengers and cargo.

The release of this scenery for MSFS by BMWorld and AmSim is characterized by acute attention to detail, ensuring that the virtual rendition of KMIA mirrors the real-world airport’s complexity and vibrancy.

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 8.jpg

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 6.jpg

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 5.jpg

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 4

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 3

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 1

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 11.jpg

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 10.jpg

BMworld Amsim KMIA Miami Airport MSFS 9.jpg

The developers have incorporated a range of features to cater to diverse user preferences and system capabilities, including the option to select between high-definition and standard-definition textures. However, it is highly recommended that your GPU has at least 12GB of memory to fully enjoy the HD experience with this scenery.

Key features of this release include:

  • Added option to select HD or SD textures
  • High-resolution custom ground textures
  • Custom ground markings
  • Real world ground dirt
  • Detailed Terminal area
  • Animated Jetway
  • Animated MIA mover over terminal buildings
  • Accurately modelled realistic night lighting
  • Up to date airport layout
  • Animated and static people

BMWorld and AmSim’s KMIA Miami Airport is available now for MSFS via iniBuilds and it’s priced at around $23.00.