Orbx and Marcus Nyberg Release Swedish Triple Pack for MSFS

After officially announcing it last week, Orbx has released today a fantastic new scenery pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, specially tailored for simmers flying in the Nordic countries. The Swedish Triple Pack, created by developer Marcus Nyberg, is a collection featuring ESNU Umeå, ESNQ Kiruna, and ESKS Scandinavian Mountains airports.

Nyberg is once again bringing his extensive experience and passion to the region, having previously impressed the community with his highly detailed renditions of Stockholm Arlanda, Gothenburg Landvetter, and Malmö airports.

ESNU Umeå Airport

Leading the pack is ESNU Umeå Airport, a beautifully detailed hub that serves as the perfect starting point for explorations into the northern reaches of Scandinavia. Umeå, known for its vibrant university and rich cultural scene, is beautifully represented, offering domestic routes to Stockholm-Arlanda and Stockholm-Bromma.

Nyberg’s attention to detail is seen through the ultra-detailed rendition of the airport, featuring snow piles, snow trucks with conditional display, and ground textures based on 8cm/px ortho imagery. The developer also added unique static objects true to Umeå Airport, custom ground support equipment (GSE), and a GSX profile.

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 4

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 5

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 6

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 9

ESNQ Kiruna Airport

ESNQ Kiruna Airport, set in the heart of the Swedish Lapland, is known for its mining industry and as a gateway to the stunning Abisko National Park.

This airport is brought to life with PBR & normal maps, terminal & tower interiors, and ground textures based on 7cm/px drone-shot ortho imagery. A digital display showing the current outside temperature and local time adds a practical touch to the immersive experience.

With domestic connections to Stockholm, Kiruna Airport promises to offer virtual pilots the opportunity to see the beauty of endless forests and the northern wilderness!

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 2

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 8

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 3

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 1

ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport

ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport, nestled amidst the mountain ranges that straddle Sweden and Norway, is one of Scandinavia’s newest airports. Designed to boost tourism in the area, it features domestic and seasonal international routes, including connections to London and Amsterdam.

The airport’s high-quality buildings, objects, and ground imagery based on 7cm/px ortho imagery, along with custom GSE and a GSX profile, once again showcase Nyberg’s attention to detail. Its strategic location and seasonal routes offer a unique opportunity to explore several European hubs in the heart of the Scandinavian wilderness.

Orbx Swedish Triple Pack MSFS 7

It’s great to see Orbx continuing to invest in expanding the selection of high-quality airports in the Nordics, which offer, without a doubt, some of the most stunning landscapes for flying anywhere in the world. The Swedish Triple Pack promises to not only add depth to the Scandinavian aviation landscape but also provide simmers with new challenges and breathtaking vistas to explore!

Orbx’s Swedish Triple Pack – ESNU Umeå Airport, ESNQ Kiruna Airport & ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport is now available for around €28,00.

Note: ASOBO ESNQ, which was shipped with the Nordics & Greenland World Updatehas to be uninstalled.

Key Features:

  • Three beautiful airports for the price of one – ESNU Umeå, ESNQ Kiruna and ESKS Scandinavian Mountains
  • Snow piles and snow trucks with conditional display at all airports
  • Amazing ground textures based on 7-8cm/px ortho imagery
  • Unique statics true to Umeå Airport (optional)
  • Sauna boat at Umeå for those wanting to chill out after landing
  • A digital sign featuring time and temperature at Kiruna Airport
  • Included GSX profiles (thanks to pvrlpe)
  • A perfect getaway for the 737, A320, and ATR fans with multiple seasonal routes covering several European hubs
  • Great way to expand your route network from Stockholm-Arlanda & Stockholm-Bromma