iniBuilds Embarks on A350 Development with Hands-On Simulator Session

IniBuilds took the MSFS community by storm just before Christmas with the announcement that they were in the early stages of developing the Airbus A350 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (and the A380 too, by the way!). This project immediately drew the attention of the community, who eagerly anticipates the arrival of a new high-fidelity modern airliner. The A350 is particularly special in this regard, being at the cutting edge of today’s technology and also a wide-body aircraft.

Following that announcement, IniBuilds returned to work and shared no further information about the project, until now. IniBuilds revealed this week that the team had gained access to a cutting-edge A350 simulator, gathering essential data to inform the development of their upcoming project.

The session, as detailed by IniBuilds, was not just a routine step in their development process but a deep dive into the intricacies of the A350’s operation. The team had the opportunity to collect detailed measurements from the flight deck, analyze engine parameters, and study the aircraft’s flying characteristics firsthand. This hands-on experience with a real A350 simulator is a great sign that the team is committed to providing simmers with a high level of realism for this aircraft.

inibuilds A350 simulator for msfs
iniBuilds’ team members with the A350 simulator.

In fact, IniBuilds says that the team is “giving this project our absolute all,” so expectations are naturally high. If their A300 is any indication of the quality of this upcoming release, then we’re surely in for something special.

This initiative is particularly interesting in the context of the challenges faced by developers in simulating modern airliners. Many developers have voiced difficulties in accurately replicating these aircraft due to the scarcity of publicly available data from manufacturers. By gaining access to this A350 simulator, IniBuilds has taken a proactive step to overcome these challenges, ensuring that their simulation can achieve a high degree of accuracy and depth.

As the project moves forward, IniBuilds promises to share more updates, keeping the community in the loop. And of course, we will bring all of that to you too!