Available now! – Just Flight announces major update for 146 Professional for MSFS

Just Flight has released an extensive update for the 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update is described as “very substantial” and is available free of charge to all current owners of the product.

This update brings the 146 Professional to V2 and introduces a new custom-coded FMS based on the real-world UNS-1, a new highly detailed passenger cabin, GSX integration, and much more.

Just Flight published a video overview of the new features coming to the 146. It showcases the new version of the aircraft, including the new FMS, which is also shown in more detail in a separate video.

Highlights of the Update:

  • UNIS-1 Flight Management System: A much-anticipated addition, the UNS-1 system brings a genuine replication of the actual unit’s unique interface, complete with a comprehensive set of features. These include support for various navigational and performance functions, a custom nav database compatible with Navigraph subscriptions, and the capacity for flight plan import and export.
  • New Passenger Cabins: The update introduces brand new, highly detailed passenger cabins for each 146 variant. These cabins come with interactable galley features, lighting controls, and even a functional coffee maker.
  • Music Player and Boarding Simulation: A new music player with seven tracks enhances the ambience during boarding and landing, with custom music importation also supported. Additionally, a new passenger and cargo boarding simulation feature has been added to the EFB, offering various boarding speeds and audible passenger boarding sounds.
  • GSX Compatibility: The boarding simulation is now compatible with GSX, including JSX profiles for each 146 variant, enriching the ground service experience.
  • Paper Charts and Checklists: As a nod to classic airline designs, paper charts and checklists have been incorporated, allowing for up to 15 pages of checklists and 20 charts. This feature marks the beginning of a development path toward offering a paper clipboard alternative to the EFB tablet for classic Just Flight airplanes.
  • New Liveries: Three new liveries are introduced, enhancing the visual variety for flights out of Honolulu, Chicago, and London Stansted, among others.
  • Improvements and Quality of Life Additions: The update also includes improved flight models for better ground handling, more accurate altitude capture, and enhanced animations for cabin doors, airstairs, and wipers. Moreover, it addresses numerous bug fixes and community-requested feature enhancements.

As you can see, this is a major update to one of the best airliners in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The full release notes are available here, and Just Flight has also updated the User Manual, EFB Manual, and added a new UNS-1 manual to the aircraft’s documentation.

If you still haven’t got your hands on the 146 Professional, this may also be the perfect time, not only because of the improved experience but also because this package is currently available at 25% off on Just Flight’s Spring Sale.

Just Flight’s 146 Professional V2 Update is now live across the stores. As usual, those who purchased through the Marketplace will have to wait a bit longer – next week, if all goes well.