The Got Friends Wilga for MSFS gets detailed release plans and pricing

Got Friends is about to drop another singular aircraft package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The PZL-104 Wilga is now in its very final stages of development and is set to be the most detailed and complex airplane yet from the talented team of developers!

We’ve been following the progress with the Wilga for a while, watching it evolve from a promising small bush plane to a richly featured product packed with exciting characteristics and details. After a few months of intense development, the Wilga is now in the final stages of testing and should be out within a few weeks. We also have a few new details about the release plans, pricing, and more.

Got Friends’ last estimate for the Wilga’s launch pointed to a date sometime this month. The complete package with all four variants is now under a testing period with a small team of simmers who are putting the aircraft through its paces. Got Friends said a few days ago that the team is now focused solely on sounds and general cleanup in preparation for the final testing phase before the release.

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 1

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 3

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 4

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 5

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 6

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 7

Got Friends Wilga MSFS previews 8

Once everything is ready, Got Friends will look to launch the Wilga in the MSFS Marketplace, with a simultaneous release for PC & Xbox. Considering that the team is still finishing development, it seems very optimistic to see a release in the Marketplace this month when we know that, generally, the Marketplace team needs a few weeks to evaluate a product before making it available in the platform.

In any case, Got Friends already revealed the pricing for the Wilga: $35. This comprehensive package includes a good number of variants with various configurations, which Got Friends hopes will justify the slightly above-average cost of the product.

Got Friends promises complete feature parity between the PC and Xbox versions of the Wilga.

Simmers who purchase this package will find 4 models in the aircraft selection screen inside MSFS. These are specified below with all their specific differences. Engine options range in power from 260 to 450 hp, with varied tire sizes (or skis and floats), auto-trimming option, regulated or unregulated exhaust, and more.

The Wilga is one of the most exciting bush planes yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the hands of such a talented team as Got Friends, it’s easy to anticipate this release with enthusiasm. Small bush airplanes are a perfect match for the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we can’t wait to try it out on the most unprepared strips out there! Stay tuned for further updates about an exact release date.

Got Friends PZL-104 Wilga variants:


  • AI-14 Engine (260HP)
  • 21″ Standard Tires
  • Optional Skis
  • 35A: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35A: Legacy Cockpit (Polish)
  • 80: Midlife Cockpit (English)
  • No Flight Director


  • AI-14RD Engine (285HP)
  • LAP-3000 Floats
  • 35H: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80H: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35H: Legacy Cockpit (English)
  • 80H: Midlife Cockpit (Polish)
  • Installed Flight Director


  • M-14P Engine (360HP)
  • 29″ Bush Tires
  • No Skis
  • 35P: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80P: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35P: Legacy Cockpit (English)
  • 80P: Midlife Cockpit (Polish)
  • Installed Flight Director


  • M-14PF Engine (450HP)
  • 35″ Bush Tires
  • No Skis
  • 35X: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80X: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35X: Modern Cockpit (Polish)
  • 80X: Modern Cockpit (English)
  • Installed Flight Director