Prepare your wallets! The DC-6 from PMDG is now available for MSFS

We could have never imagined this a month ago, but here we are. Today, PMDG enters the world of the new Flight Simulator with its first aircraft for the sim: the gorgeous, innovative, legendary Douglas DC-6 is now available from the juggernaut studio, an in-depth simulation of this relic from the golden era of aviation.

At $54.99, the DC-6 is priced lower than expected (it seems to be launching at a slight discount, down from $59.99). This is a comprehensive package that will keep you entertained for months or years to come. Just the Operation Manual alone is more than 300-pages long! PMDG is sparing no detail here.

The DC-6 is filled with dials, buttons and switches, so there’s a lot to learn in order to really enjoy the whole experience. Thankfully, PMDG has launched a series of tutorial videos that should be invaluable during your time with the aircraft.

PMDG DC 6 MSFS released 1

PMDG DC 6 MSFS released 2

PMDG DC 6 MSFS released 3

PMDG DC 6 MSFS released 4

PMDG DC 6 MSFS released 5

Considering how overwhelming the experience can be when you’re managing an aircraft with four radial engines, the DC-6 will come with an Automatic Flight Engineer that you will be able to summon in order to relieve your role as the captain. That way, you can focus on flying the place, just as a real DC-6 captain would do in real life.

Once you’re ready to fully handle the beast, you can configure the DC-6 realism settings in order to simulate the vast number of factors to consider when piloting this aircraft, such as power management, cylinder head temperatures, supercharger operation, and much more. Be prepared, then, to carefully manage those engines, or you risk damaging them and go down into flames.

PMDG is including both the DC-6A and DC-6B variants, as well as a wide variety of stunning vintage liveries that once dressed this historic airplane.

Folks, this is the real deal. We know many of you were waiting for something more… modern, from PMDG, but by all accounts, this is a remarkable aircraft in MSFS, and should totally deserve your attention until that 737 comes out!

PMDG Douglas DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available from the developers’ website, and will set you back $54.99. It’s also available through Aerosoft.