PMDG’s 777 for MSFS enters beta testing

The positive signs regarding the development of the much-awaited PMDG Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator keep on coming. After the very first teaser image of the aircraft was published earlier his month, this time PMDG has confirmed that the 777 has entered the beta testing phase. This milestone marks a crucial step towards the aircraft’s release in 2024.

As always, the latest development update comes directly from PMDG’s frontman, Robert Randazzo. It’s typically a bit long-winded, so here’s the gist of things.

Randazzo explains that the 777’s smooth development process is effectively reaping the benefits of three key factors for PMDG:

  1. Experience with MSFS: As their third MSFS product line (following the DC-6 and 737NG series), PMDG’s team has honed their skills and understanding of the MSFS platform, promising an optimized simulation experience.
  2. Team Expansion: The PMDG team has grown significantly, bringing a richer skillset and knowledge base to tackle development challenges.
  3. New Tools and Capabilities: Transitioning from the 737 to the 777 allowed PMDG to invest in advanced tools, enhancing the development process.
PMDG 777 Pretty Tired

Community-Centric Development

PMDG emphasizes their increased familiarity with the MSFS community, incorporating user preferences and expectations into the 777’s development from the outset. This approach aims to align closely with what simmers value in a simulation product.

Upcoming Previews and Testing Focus

While PMDG plans to reveal aspects of the 777 in the coming weeks, their primary focus remains on the testing cycle and integrating feedback from the beta phase. Formal previews will follow, offering deeper insights into the aircraft’s features and capabilities. For now, besides that landing gear shots from a few days ago, there’s also a new image depicting the passenger cabin.

PMDG 777 cabin MSFS

Busy Times Ahead for PMDG

The team is not only advancing the 777 but also managing beta testing for multiple products, including the 737 fleets. Additionally, development work on the 747 is accelerating, indicating a bustling period for PMDG in 2024. And let’s not forget that there’s also the 737MAX series in the pipeline!

Anticipating the Release

Considering the 737’s beta testing phase lasted about three months, it’s reasonable to expect a similar timeline for the 777, positioning its release potentially in the first half of 2024. This timeline, however, is subject to the complexities and challenges that may arise during the testing phase, so don’t take our word for that. It’s just a guesstimate based on the previous 737 experience!

So, it’s definitely exciting times ahead for PMDG and everyone who’s come to appreciate their products over the years. The 777, being a high-fidelity widebody airliner, is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling projects to look forward to in 2024. We’ll be right here to bring you all the latest scoop on its development. For now, we’re all hoping the testing team gets a good run with it and starts rolling out those previews soon. Stay tuned!