The PMDG Douglas DC-6 is now available in the MSFS Marketplace

A quick update today to let you know that the spectacular PMDG DC-6, one of the best airplane addons yet for MSFS, is now available for purchase in the in-sim Marketplace. This effectively adds the DC-6 to the range of airplanes that are available to Xbox Series X|S users, greatly expanding the potential customer base in a product that, as we learned yesterday, has already enjoyed great success since it launched in the summer.

The DC-6 is PMDG’s first airplane for MSFS, a highly detailed simulation of the vintage propliner, fully rendered and functional from the inside out. Together with a custom sound package and a virtual Flight Engineer, who is able to help managing the engines, systems and checklists, the DC-6 offers a very immersive experience for MSFS pilots.

PMDG offers an extensive collection of video tutorials on its Youtube channel, which should be invaluable to those looking to dive deep into this aircraft and learn all it takes to properly operate it.

PMDG DC 6 MSFS Marketplace 3

PMDG DC 6 MSFS Marketplace 2

PMDG DC 6 MSFS Marketplace 1

The DC-6 package that is now available in the Marketplace includes both the cargo and the passenger variants of the aircraft, the DC-6A and the DC-6B, respectively. Along with these, there’s a variety of different nose and window configurations, matching the options that were once used by airliners from all over the world.

The PMDG DC-6 arrives at the Marketplace with a temporary special price, $54.99. It’s a little more expensive than any other airplane yet, but it’s well worth it given the fantastic product that it is.

After the DC-6, PMDG is now heavily at work on its legendary simulation of the Boeing 737, which should be out in early 2022. It will too be available in Xbox, although probably not at launch.