PMDG sold more DC-6 in MSFS than in any other platforms combined, 737 unlikely for this year

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo gave an interview to Sky Blue Radio over the weekend, where he shed a little more light on the company’s future plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the unexpected success with the DC-6, among many other things.

Unfortunately, it appears our early expectation for a 737 release date before Christmas won’t be met.
Randazzo says the 737 could actually be released very soon, but the team is looking to deliver a polished product, so the current estimate points to sometime in January, possibly slipping a little into February if necessary. I was probably too optimistic a few days ago, hoping for a release before Christmas, but this is probably for the best. After all, we all want the 737 to be as good as our own expectations!

This updated timeframe about the 737’s release for MSFS is just one of the several notable statements from the PMDG frontman. Still concerning the Boeing workhorse, Randazzo says in the interview that it will be the best product the company has ever put out, and will also surprise users for its affordable price, when compared to releases on older platforms. A sub-$100 product may be possible!

PMDG DC 6 MSFS released 2
The release of the DC-6 for MSFS was an unexpected success for PMDG.

Also, Randazzo revealed that the team was taken by surprise with the DC-6 sales figures immediately after its release for MSFS. In fact, the DC-6 for MSFS sold more in a matter of hours that any of the previous versions for FSX, P3D, and XP in their lifetime… combined! It’s a remarkable revelation that is a testament of how MSFS completely steamrolled other simulators in terms of widespread market appeal. It also serves as a great encouragement to other third-party developers looking to the platform as a possible business opportunity.

As we know, the 777 will follow after the 737, and plans are being made for whatever comes next. The 757 was heavily teased just a few days ago on the latest MSFS Developer Q&A, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement. Many are also hoping to see a PMDG DC-3, but Randazzo (who owns one), says that’s not planned at this moment. That may change in the future, depending on market conditions, but in any case, after the 737 and the 777, anything new should only be expected for 2023 and beyond.

The entire 1-hour interview deserves a listen, as it is rich in further details such as Robert’s career as a pilot, the history of PMDG, and more. Definitely worth a listen if you’re fan of PMDG’s work!