Watch this extensive video preview of the Just Flight BAe 146

Just Flight’s 146 Professional is one of a series of highly detailed airliners that are currently on final approach for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ve seen the developers share an increasing number of teasers and previews, like last week’s “test flight” that showcased a number of features of the product and many new images. This week we have a first in-depth look into this new aircraft for MSFS, coming from a popular Twitch streamer that some of you may be familiar with.

TheFlyingFabio has been lucky to have some early access to other in-development airplanes for MSFS, with Just Flight being the latest to provide him with a fresh beta build of their brand new product, so he could share his findings with the community. The result is an extensive preview of the BAe 146 for MSFS, where we can see the aircraft from basically all the angles, inside and out, has Fabio follows the manual to learn more about the aircraft and the procedures to get it up and running.

Note that, as a Twitch stream, this is a slow viewing process that requires a lot of free time. Surely, shorter videos from other creators will soon start to show up as well, for those of you eager to have a quick look into this upcoming airplane from Just Flight. For now, grab a big cup of tea or coffee and follow Fabio as he explores the 146 and learns about the aircraft.

Check out the video below, and note the following bit of information that was shared by Just Flight’s Scott Philips during the stream: if all goes well, a release is expected for April!