Another helicopter is coming to MSFS: FlyInside’s Bell 47G is almost finished!

It’s widely known that the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t officially support helicopters, lacking the flight model characteristics that are necessary in rotorcraft. However, that didn’t stop independent developers from putting their hands to work and carve the terrain to get unofficial heli support in MSFS.

The result of this work came to fruition with the highly popular H135, an impressive freeware project that has been dramatically improving seemingly every week. The developers created a custom flight model that works surprisingly well and has been consistently improved in order to become more realistic.

A second project has also been in the works, as we’ve told you before, comes from the talented team over at FlyInside. Their Bell 47G is looking to be the first payware helicopter for MSFS, and it seems to be just around the corner. The developers are looking to release it by the end of this month!

Since the initially announcement, the team has now revealed that they have been working hard to overhaul both the interior and exterior models, systems, flight model, and more. So much so that they are confident to be able to release their project in just a few days.

FlyInside developed their own flight model to use with the Bell 47G, which is coming from previous efforts with their own flight simulator. Apparently the Bell 47G will feature an authentic experience of flying an helicopter, with the flight characteristics that can be expected from this sort of machine: realistic collective/cyclic response, ground effect, flap-back, transverse flow, torque/yaw, and auto-rotation capabilities.

You will be able to fly the Bell 47G with both helicopter flight controls and a normal joystick: with the first, manual throttle control of the piston engine is enabled; for the second, you can enable the auto-governor and fly with only 4-axis control.

FlyInside shared some new images that show a great looking helicopter, and we can’t wait to try it out! Stay tuned, we will let you know once this has been released.