Lionheart Creations’ Bellanca Super Viking nears release for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Lionheart Creations’ Bellanca Super Viking, a project we introduced to you earlier this year, is now closer than ever to its release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has reported that the aircraft has been undergoing testing at Microsoft for around two weeks, with its launch expected in the near future.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to read the aircraft’s manual to familiarize themselves with its workings and discover any hidden features. The Super Viking will come with multiple interiors, allowing users to enjoy various panel colors and styles, including different fabrics and leathers. This variety will provide a refreshing experience, letting users switch between different versions of the aircraft when they crave a change.

Lionheart Creations has taken special care with the Super Viking’s panel illumination and dome light system. The aircraft features a dimmer knob to control the instruments’ interior lighting and utilizes Asobo’s 3D emissive light system to shine down on the gauges’ surfaces.

Lionheart Super Viking MSFS 6

Lionheart Super Viking MSFS 5

Lionheart Super Viking MSFS 4

Lionheart Super Viking MSFS 3

Lionheart Super Viking MSFS 1

Additionally, the developer has implemented a Cessna-style forward panel light that can be activated with a third dimmer knob, providing another layer of lighting customization. With just one or two clicks, users can create the perfect ambiance for night flights, striking a balance between instrument illumination and an unobstructed view of the outside environment.

The Super Viking will include a custom-coded Century III Autopilot, which was developed in collaboration with a partner. Although this 2-axis autopilot may not support complex approaches, it promises to be an interesting feature that sets the aircraft apart from others in the simulator.

It shouldn’t take long for Lionheart’s newest creation to be available for simmers to fly in MSFS. For now, enjoy the latest preview images shared by the developer, which showcase the aircraft’s instrument panel. We’ll let you know once it becomes available for purchase!